Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just hanging out

Some impromptu (blurry) photos and a look into my mornings.

We were hanging out on an unmade bed (because Jane spilled milk all over the sheets) right after Wendy's bath...

Making funny faces to Wenders:

"No, Wendy! Pulling my hair is not for babies!"

She REALLY wanted me to use the flash. It made her day.

Yesterday Jane was playing with Wendy on the floor and said to her, "You gonna flip over? You can do it! Come on, you can do it! You gonna flip over Chubby? Come on Chubby!" Guess we better start calling Wendy something less Anorexia-Name Calling Amunition-Insecurity inducing... but seriously, she's a chunk and we love every square inch of her!

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Nicole said...

I love this. Also, I really love Jane's hair, and just everything. Way to be awesome.