Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Day I Turned 27

Oh, it's been a fabulous day.

Last night, Brandt took me to dinner (it was a surprise b/c he picked the place and got the sitter). He even used a coupon! It was yummy Cuban food and we had a nice time just the two of us.

But, today started off with Brandt making me a yummy breakfast and opening some presents. My awesome sis got me a red KitchenAid peeler and the Our Best Bites cookbook I've been really wanting. SUPER happy about that. And, Brandt got me some more Zoku accessories. My Mom and Dad treated me to a Prime membership and plenty of cash to do whatever I please with. They basically rock.

Then, Brandt left for work and I put a show on for Jane and went back to bed! Woke up when it was time to feed Wendy again and played with the girls till they went down for a nap. Once they were down I went to Noodles & Company and Baskin Robins to pick up my free birthday yumminess.

We met up with my super cool friend Nicole and her daughter (Jane's bestie) Katie at the park because the weather today was BA-utiful... just for me, I know.  We tried getting an ICEE at the Subway next to the park but their machine wasn't working so we headed to 7-Eleven for some equally delicious Slurpies (thanks again Nicole!!). We headed back to my place and played and chatted till it was time for dinner.

For dinner, I ordered the free Domino's pizza I scored on Facebook and shared it with crazy Jane. Boy does she love crust. Put the kids down for the night and am about to watch Thor while I drink a root beer (Goose Island btw).

Brandt's working late tonight but that ok because today has been perfect. The only thing I'd change is not having a bird leave a HUGE mess all over my car.

Here are some pics of Wendy because TODAY IS HER HALF BIRTHDAY!!!

This little missy turned 6 months old today. Official post coming soon.

Check out those rolls. She's got 7 total from shoulder to hand.

Love her!

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