Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jane and the funny things she does

-Jane was watching Thomas the Train and heard them say, "They whistled and tooted in excitement." Jane turned around to me and said, "They tooted? Hahahahaaha, toot is for the toilet!" She laughed for about 10 minutes about that. That's my daughter.

-After dinner Brandt said, "Ugh, Jane. I feel too fat to get you ready for bed."
We all laughed and then when Brandt got up to put his dish in the sink, Jane said, "Dad, you're too fat to wear those shorts." We all (not Brandt) had a good laugh.

-In case you wanted a story told to you, Jane just told me a good bedtime story...

Jesus came up to the witch and said, "What's up witch?" The witch said, "I can't find my hat!" Jesus said, "I will help you find it", and he held her hand and they walked off to go find her hat. The end.

-Jane in her most whiniest sweet voice: "I want Jesus to come over. He's my lovely friend. He's my beautiful friend."

-Jane was playing outside on the front lawn with Brandt when she apparently found a little white dead kitten. She didn't know what it was so she picked it up and threw it. After Brandt washed her hands and told her about it, she said, "A big animal killed it. It's not walking around anymore. Probably an elephant did it."

-In her sad voice... "I gave some bread to Napoleon and he ate my finger."

Napoleon is the grandparent's dog and Jane's arch nemesis. He's pretty much deaf and blind and hates Jane because she's ca-razy.


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