Thursday, May 10, 2012

Janiebo: 3 Years

Jane turned 3 on Tuesday!!! It seems like over night she turned from a little toddler to a big girl.

We started off the day with well child appointments for both girls. Wendy went first and got 3 shots. She screamed at the first, louder for the second and even though I didn't think she could scream any louder, she screamed louder for the third. Poor thing! I really did almost start crying for the third one. Jane went next. No shots for her this year. She did amazing, standing like a statue when they weighed her, sitting still while they took her blood pressure and taking deep breathes while they listened to her lungs. Both girls are doing great and the doctor said Jane was really advanced in her language and communicating skills for only being 3. Yay Jane!

Here are their stats...

Jane: 31.75 lbs (50%) and 37 inches (50%)

Wendy: 17.5 lbs (75%), 25.5 inches (60%) and her little head is 16.25 inches (25%)

After the doctor and both girls took naps, I took them to Corner Bakery for some lunch. Then we went around the corner to Chuck E. Cheese (Jane said earlier, "I want to go to Cottage Cheese" and then stopped because she knew something was wrong about her request) since they sent us coupons for 20 free tokens for the girl's birthday and half birthday. My friend Nicole and Jane's besty Katie met us there for some fun. Afterwards, we picked up a free cupcake at Barnes and Noble to bring home and celebrate with Dad. It took about 3 minutes of blowing but she finally blew out all the candles. Grandma gave her a Rody pony and Aunt Angela sent her a wooden cake play set. She LOVES both! It took about 1.5 hours for her to fall asleep that night, she was so wired!

So Jane this year... She loves pretending like anything tied to a string is her dog Gunther, she likes drawing grocery lists, she LOVES running, climbing, singing, jumping drumming, trying to whistle ("hoo hoo knuck knuck" like Fantastic Mr. Fox), collecting small objects such as rocks and erasers, eating ("Mom, I'm still hungry!"), loves sleeping with her striped blanket and sock monkey and her thumb in her mouth.

She knows some letters, all her colors, is awesome at kicking a ball and catching it, can count to 12, has more dance moves now and loves dancing with me while hopping on one foot, and rocks potty training with only occasional accidents.

She is crazy, rambunctious, LOUD, super sweet, loads of fun, a trouble maker, an magnificent lego builder.

Here are some pictures Nicole took of Jane at Chuck E. Cheese:

She was SO excited to ride on this:

Such a big girl:

Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese:

Giving him a high 5:

Good thing Jane has 13 more years before driving a real car... she's CRAZY:

Picking her prizes. She got a friendship necklace to share with Katie, an eraser, tiny frog and one candy:

We're so lucky to have her! Happy birthday little girly!

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