Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbow Party

I decided to throw Jane a rainbow themed party this year because she has learned all her colors and who doesn't love color? It was fun planning and executing (except the 150 circles I had to cut by hand). We had 10 kids in our home plus their parents and I am just SO glad it wasn't a drop-off party... yikes! Jane had a blast which makes mom happy! Here are some pictures from the party:

Jane, right before her friends arrived. I think she was excited:

The decorations. Clear ornament balls filled with crepe paper:


The table:

The food:

Jane ate about 5.3 million pretzels... well, actually just the chocolate and sprinkles off of 5.3 million pretzels. She wasn't able to get the candles blown out so I had to help her but we got a video of her trying which will forever be cute.

The rainbow pinata made 100% from scratch! Up until we went out and did the pinata, Jane kept saying she wanted a firetruck pinata, which made me sad that I didn't do what she wanted but she changed her mind once it was hung.

And, it worked like a charm. Both ends had raisins and fruit snacks. As the last ribbon (with a sucker attached) was pulled, the doors opened. As a bonus, there was no fruitless beating with a stick and the kids weren't impatient to get a turn because after their first turn they had a sucker to enjoy till it was their turn again. Genius, I know :)

The scavengers:

And of coarse, Jane picked up about half...

Opening presents:

She got a treasure chest! Lucky girl!

As I'm prepping for these parties, I think, "Why do I do this to myself!?", especially when the water company says they are turning off the water the day I'm suppose to do all the cooking. But, when all the guests are here and I see how much fun the birthday girl is having I decide its worth it. Now time to plan Wendy's!


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