Thursday, May 03, 2012

Wendy Mae: 6 months

I absolutely love little Wendy Mae. She is a super sweet baby who loves smiling, cuddling, watching Jane, sucking her thumb, jumping in her jumper and eating. I love her temperament. She's quite a content baby except the moment I lay her down to get ready to nurse her. I don't know what it is but she is totally fine until I lay her down. The 10 seconds it takes for me to get ready is her fussy period. Can't wait for her meals I guess.

She loves flipping over onto her side and sleeps like that most of the time. Although, I not sure if that's because she can't flip all the way over due to her tubby arms. She loves solid food and eats it like a champ. We started it at 5 months with her. We still wrap her up with a blanket when she goes down for her naps but mostly to give her a nap routine and she loves getting out of it and sucking on it till she falls asleep. She's still on a 3 hours schedule with a short 4th nap but I'm starting to think we need to change it up because she's waking early from every nap now. Not sure what to do but we'll figure it out... always do.

One thing that's funny and different about her is that once you wake her up, she's 100% awake. She never did the long baby stretches like Jane did. Makes it a little hard for her to nap on the go because she's not a sleepy head. Also, Jane caught colds all the time as a baby but Wendy just got her first minor one when I had bronchitis. Quickly got over it though.

I could cuddle her forever. She's such a sweet heart. Jane loves her too now. She'll get on the floor and give her toys and say, "You gonna roll over chubby? Hey chubby!" She's always asking about her so she knows what she's doing and where she is. I think as long as Wendy does what Jane wants, they'll be best friends. I think Wendy will :)

She's got one more week with the band and then I'll post pictures or her round little melon. Until then, here are a few from last week.

Happy half birthday Wendy!

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