Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blue Eyed, Little Vampire

Our little wonder baby just got her third tooth! Her top front popped through and is crazy sharp. The other top front will be here any day too. That makes her 7 months, two weeks old with 3 teeth.

She's also scooting like a mad woman. I was playing with her on the bed and I had to keep shoving/rolling her away from the laptop. She'd just turn over and come back... rinse and repeat a bajillion times.

I am LOVING this change and watching her become more mobile and fun but am super sad. I LOVE this baby so much I'd be ok with having her never grow up. What could be her nickname? We've got Hurricane Jane and... Wonderful Wendy?

Here's my girl gnawing away on a graham cracker at the Orem Summerfest:


Catherine Arnett said...

wiggly wendy= danielles idea

wobbly wendy= kates idea

Holly said...

Three teeth already?! Crazy! Miles didn't get his bottom teeth he was eleven months...and he got his top two at a year.