Thursday, June 28, 2012


I took Jane outside this morning to practice riding her bike. She's never really gotten the hang of it and I figure, it's summer, she has a bike and she's 3... she should be riding it. Well, it seemed too hard for her to pedal, like she didn't have enough strength in her legs to push the pedals so after a few minutes I raised the seat AND she was off like a missile! She can do it! My baby can ride her bike!

Here she is, riding like a pro:

I told her if she could ride her bike to the park then we would go to the park. She rode 3/4 the way there so since I'm a nice mom we went to the park.

A friend had told me that the baby swings can fit two kids so I wanted to try it out. Here's a picture of my squishy kids:

Despite the picture, Wendy could have stayed in the swing forever... Jane on the other hand DEMANDED Wendy get out of her swing NOW!

Lately Jane has been saying, "I thought I should go to the park" and "I feel like I could go to the park". I love that she's learning how to express herself. However, she's asking to go to the park about every hour and even if we go twice in a day she still asks. This girl loves to play and LOVES to swing. We were at the park and all the daycare kids were leaving. I said, "Jane, I'm so sorry all your friends are leaving!" She said, "I like my friends leaving cause it's all mine." Ok then Jane.

On a Wendy side note, she's got all 4 front teeth now and it hurts like crazy when she gets my finger in her mouth.

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