Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Carnival Rides

Once again, Ann spoiled Jane with tickets for the rides at the Orem City Summerfest.

Rides = Jane Heaven.

Last year I was super nervous to let her ride alone but she totally rocked it this year. She even did well waiting her turn. Here are some pictures from the afternoon...

She was so excited to get a ticket...

 and to ride all by herself!!

Blurry but I love her happy smile on the motorcycle ride. She was just going SO fast!

Happy family cheering her on from the sidelines.

Oh boy, she was excited for this one and really wanted to ride on the chicken!

 Thrill seeker... this one went fast!

We all went on this one because I loved this ride growing up. Jane kicked off her shoes while we were riding and while picking them up afterward she got bonked pretty hard in the face by one of the swings that was still moving. Cried for a good long while (I secretly enjoyed the snuggles). 
After the tears were gone she was ready for more rides. Just a little scratch to prove she was here. We have so much fun together!


Heather Roessler said...

LOVE all the pictures!

Heather Roessler said...

Love all the pictures!