Friday, July 20, 2012

First real haircut

Last month, while we were in Utah, I took Jane to get her haircut for the first (real) time. I trimmed her bangs once a long time ago but that doesn't count... especially since I pretty much botched it.

I went back and forth on the decision for a really long time. I finally decided to do it after we were given a coupon for a free haircut at a beauty school during the Orem City parade. I made the appointment that night for the following Monday.

Brandt stayed home with Wendy while Jane and I went to the school. She was a little nervous at first but I took along Ann's iPad so she could watch shows and she stayed pretty still for most of the haircut. It was only that last few snips and blow dry that she couldn't stay in her chair for.

Here are some pictures (not good ones sorry). It was a little difficult to get good shots while trying to keep her calm and still AND the battery ran out after the first picture so it had to charge during the haircut.

You can't see the length too well here but it went halfway down her back, which caused discomfort when it got tangled in her armpits.
Zoned in to Winnie the Pooh:

Still zoned in nearing the finish line.

My little baby's hair!! They cut off SOOO much. I almost cried with the first snip but then she would have cried and that would not have been good.

The big tree in the reception area was all she really cared about so it was hard to get an "after shot" but here is her beautiful new do... I love it!

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