Sunday, July 01, 2012

Jane and the funny things she does

-Jane: "I want to grow up like mommy and daddy."
Me: "Why?"

Jane: "So I can wear your shirts."

She has so much to look forward to when she gets older.

-A asked Jane 3 times to put her stuff in her box. She responded after the third time with, "I'm waiting for the magic word." 


-Me: "No Jane, you may not get on me."
Jane: "Please mom? Just a smidge?"

Gosh, how can you say no to that!?

-Jane just had a minor freak out because when I said, "You need to put a hot dog in your bun.", she thought I said, "You need to put a hot dog in your bum." I would have a minor freak out too.

-You know you let your daughter watch too much Thomas the Train when she says, "Buff my buffers" and Cinders and ashes" when she drops her (3rd) free slurpie on the ground.

-Jane was playing with Wendy and when I looked over, Jane's face was covered in what looked like cottage cheese. After asking what on earth was all over her face and looking at the floor, I realized Wendy had totally spit up all over Jane and she didn't even notice. Bahahaha. Jane totally deserved it.   

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