Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Krispy Kreme... I loveth thou

I think we went to Krispy Kreme a total of no less than 5 times when we were in Utah last. I heart their Hot Now glazed donuts. The 2nd to last time we went, we met up with our great Chicago friends who were visiting the same time we were. We got a free dozen by bringing in an ugly tie (thanks Roy!) and I won't tell you how many I personally ate...

Nom nom nom. 

Wishing she was nom nom nom'ing:

Oh, upgrade! My friend Nicole is a child's best friend. She's responsible for the chocolate sprinkle seen here, which was Jane's 3rd donut.

Take'n a breather. 

The twiners enjoying the sugary goodness.

"Hmmm, which hand do I lick first?"

My other cuties. One day, Wendy... one day I will share this truly amazing gift with you.

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These are all the little things said...

In the first picture with Wendy the caption should read... "This is my box, back off!"