Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Amaaaazing Wendy!

Today was ca-razy. Wendy did one new thing after new thing.

First: She sat up all by herself from the crawling position. I saw her sitting on the floor and was shocked... "Wait a sec, I didn't sit you up!", I thought.

Second: I looked in the video monitor and she was standing up! She can pull herself up now! Those donuts on her arms are going to fall off and reveal some pretty strong biceps soon.

Third: Two more teeth broke though today! The neighbors to her two front teeth are in, bringing her teeth total to 6. You wouldn't have even known she was teething. By the way... she's got some HUGE and spread apart front chompers. Cracks me up when I see those chicklets.

Fourth: She can clap! She does it nonstop now when she sits up. We taught her how to do it like a week ago but she wouldn't do it back and today she just busted out with it. I think she just HAD to because she's so proud of herself for all her accomplishments today... I sure am proud!

Today she is 8 months and 2 weeks old. I wouldn't have been surprised if she started singing the ABC's tomorrow :)


Angela S said...

What a fantastic day!

Haley and Mitch said...

Oh I don't want the donuts to go away! I love them!! :)

Cute Wendy! Such talent!

Heather Hall said...

Oh my goodness! Our children are twinners!! Seriously. Landon started clapping on Sunday, and his sixth tooth sprouted a couple weeks ago, and he stood in his crib for the first time yesterday! It's so much fun!!! Give lil' Wendy some squishing for me! ;)

Jennifer said...

Wow, Wendy is super baby! Kate still doesn't have any teeth and is just barely scooting backward on her tummy...wish they could hang out and Wendy could show her the way!