Friday, August 10, 2012

Biker Chick

We got Jane her FirstBike 2 weeks ago and after 1 day of warming up to it, she's a pro! She goes so fast, can turn on a dime and isn't afraid of anything (which scares me to death). She's awesome at lifting up her legs and gliding on any incline. She's fallen once and scraped her knee but that didn't slow her down at all. I am SO glad we got this bike for her.

Here are some pictures and a video we took of her on the bike:

She LOVES it and wants to ride it all day every day.


Jane + No Fear = Mommy Panic Attack

Jane was playing with this 6-year-old at the park the other day. They played for like 20 minutes and when she took off her helmet, he said, "Wait. He's a girl?" He looked at me like he was disgusted that he was playing with a girl and said, "But he has a boy helmet." I could see him working it out in his mind if it was going to be ok for him to keep playing with her since she was a girl. He did.

What an awesome little girl.

And now for the video: I love her quick turn at the end.

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Nicole said...

That was awesome! Way to go Jane!