Monday, August 06, 2012

Fireman Jane

We were able to go to a fire station last week with a random play group I am part of (I'm on their emails but have only gone once in a year and don't know any of them). I invited my buddy Nicole and her daughter Katie since they live so close to it and it was fun... hot but fun.

Hey guys, hey guys! Guess where I am!? 

Waiting in line for her turn to spray the hose, she was excited and thought it was super funny when the water sprayed the engine...

But was so scared to actually do it when she got the chance. A second later she dropped it and ran off. Guess she's not cut out for the job.

"Ahhhh... this is better. I'm just gonna chillax on this sweet bench, I mean fire engine."

Jane and Katie lifting up the hoses and dropping them over and OVER to hear them bonk on the metal bar. It's all fun and games until some gets hit in the eye with a hose. Yes, that actually happened to Jane.

I tried to tell her that the firefighter was her friend but she didn't agree. She'd hardly look at him. 

 Jane and Katie listening to them explain stuff like hydro functions and combustion... can't you tell they were having so much fun? All she cared about was where the fire doggie was.

At least they were calm and still and HOLDING HANDS! Besties :)

This was a hard picture to get. She kept turning back and forth every millisecond. I should have just let her check out the fire truck but I'm a mom and this was our first real live trip to a fire station. (That's Nicole in the background. She's having a boy in no more than 20 days! Such a cute belly!)

And let's just hope Jane doesn't do this as the fire engine speeds across Chicago. "Wait for me! I waaaaanna coooooome!"

After naps we hit up Olive Garden for a late lunch and Jane ate her weight in breadsticks. After lunch, Nicole was super nice and let Jane play at her house for a long time after much begging from that little 3 year old. I was grateful and I'm sure it helped induce Nicole by at least a week.

Fun in Chicago!

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