Monday, September 17, 2012

Frisbee Golf Outing

Our good friends (the Murrays), invited us to go up north and play some frisbee golf so obviously we joined them. Thank goodness too, because it was a beautiful day!

Here are some pictures from that day:

Wendy's stinker face:

Happy Wendy!

Katie and Jane just chill'n:

My baby, so calm and content:

Teaching Wendy how to walk:

Hopefully she can soon cause she's getting HEAVY to carry!

Just giving Wendy some smooches. She's so squishy and kissable!

Yay for a family picture!!!

Brandt dominated as usual but I beat Nicole! Well, kinda. She was holding a newborn the whole time so I guess she really beat me if you count the difficulty level. After we headed to Dairy Queen cause it was close by and if Dairy Queen is close, you HAVE TO go. What a fun day!

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