Thursday, September 06, 2012

Jane and the funny things she does

-"I love you so much momma. I love you all night long.", said Jane after I got her some cheese. If that's all it takes, why do I work so hard?!

-Jane looks through her telescope and yells, "A poor lady!" I think she forgot it's, "Ahoy matey!" but at least she's close.

-Brandt just told me that Jane woke up bright and early this morning screatching car alarm noises. "weeoo weeoo beep beep honk honk honk".

-Jane's instruction on how to go potty... "You sit on the toilet, close your eyes and shink, shink, shink really hard and BEHOLD your pee pee comes out! That's how you do it!" In case you needed some help.

-Jane must be in a growth spurt. She is constantly telling me she's hungry. On our bike ride yesterday after telling me 50 times that she was hungry, she stopped, grabbed a leaf off a bush, caught up with me and told me, "I was hungry so I got a leaf. It's yummy!" She ate the whole thing and then grabbed another off a different bush. She said that one was yucky. This morning she had 5 (toddler) bowls of cereal.

 -Jane is obsessed with people telling her stories about EVERYTHING. She saw a cemetery and asked me to tell her "that story". I said, why don't you tell me that story?

She said, "Once upon a time there was a guy and that guy was punished. Anywho, he died. He wasn't feeling good so they put him in there and then he was feeling better so they took him out. Because Jesus is nice. The end."

And there you have it. The story about cemeteries... hmmmm.

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