Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bengston's Farm 2012

This year we went to Bengston's Farm with our friend Haley and her kids, Ben and Lydia (and her 8 month old fetus). Brandt was able to take a day off work so he could be a part of the exciting day (and help wrangle the 4.8 kids). We had a blast. Here are some (a million) pictures:

This rocking chair was awesome. Too bad it wouldn't fit in our elevator.

We may have eaten too much Halloween candy already...

When we came 2 years ago I took a picture of Jane on a similar pumpkin. See it here.

After checking out the place, we rode a bunch of rides. 
Meet Haley, Ben and the back of Lydia's head.

She was too little to go on this ride last time so I was excited to have her do it this year. 
She. Loved. It. 
Lydia... not so much after a minute.

This slide was SUPER fun and I think we would have done it all day had you not basically gotten electrocuted at the end from all the static. I can still feel it!

These two are destined for each other (at least the parents hope so). Already arguing over the drivers seat... so romantic.

While we waited for the hay ride, we played in the school, jail and firehouse. During a rousing game of hide and go seek, I gave some pretty good scares to the kids. Mwahahaha.

We had to lay low after we saw this "Wanted" ad hanging on the jail house wall.
Wendy was a trooper, hanging out in the stroller most of the time since the ground wasn't really "Wendy eats everything" friendly.

She did get to get out for some snuggles though.

Love this girl.

Having a little snack break on the hay ride.

The ride dropped us off at the pumpkin patch so we got out and played a while.


She quickly realized how funny it was to roll the large pumpkins around and into each other. Her face was soon on the "Wanted" posters.

Oh, hey! It's the front of Lydia's head!

What a fun day at the pumpkin patch!

UPDATE: Looking back through photos I found these 2 years later. Good memories of my little ones before they had a little brother...


Angela S said...

I love the reward poster says Tyler. Jimmy says I very love all of the pictures of the fun farm! Awesome Christina! Glad you could go as a family.

Nicole said...

Awesome! I love the pictures in general, but I laughed particularly at the one of you and Brandt as the Halloween candy over-eaters.

These are all the little things said...

I could laugh at the pictures all day. Jane being scared by you, and on the ride with her hands up. Wendy looks SO cute with her intense blue eyes and when she's by the pumpkin with Jane laughing so hard. They melt my heart.