Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Ponytail, First Kiss, First Step

First ponytail:
Wendy Mae has finally decided to grow some hair! The other day during breakfast, I wanted to see if there was enough hair on top to make a ponytail and there was! She doesn't like it much when I do her hair but is a trooper and deals with it :) I love it.

First kiss:
I've been trying to teach her to give kisses because I KNOW Jane was doing it by now and after a couple weeks, I said, "Kiss?", made a kissy sound she turned her head and gave me a big, fat, wet, opened-mouth kiss. I almost cried! She hasn't done it since but the excitement and happiness that came with that kiss is lasting.

First step:
Us girls were playing in the hallway have a "pumpkin fight" with the blow-up pumpkins I bought a few years ago and I caught Wendy letting go of the wall, taking a step and grabbing onto our neighbors door. She's getting there! I cannot wait for her to walk. For one, she's killing my back and second, I just love seeing little humans walk :)

So, obligatory "First Ponytail Pictures":

Classic "Wendy Stinker Face". I am loving her top teeth.

Thinking I'm funny... cause I am. I'm glad SHE knows it.

She can be SO sweet to this baby doll.

Aaaand, so scary it makes me super glad I don't have another baby to watch out for at the moment.

This girl is pretty happy. A lot of people comment on it.

She can control hearts, and knows it.

She sports this ponytail almost every day now.

I can't believe she'll soon have hair like...

her beautiful sister Jane.

See Jane's first ponytail here. She was the same age as Wendy is now (just shy of 1).

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Haley and Mitch said...

Oh what darling girls! I love those open mouth baby kisses. So sweet!