Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Costumes!

My friend, Sahily, invited us over for a Halloween/Rice Krispy House Party on Tuesday. The girls got to dress up in a new set of costumes so I had to take pictures. Jane wanted to wear her doctor costume that she was given for her birthday from our awesome friend Heather and I dressed up Wendy as a ladybug because she was just given that costume by an equally awesome friend, Sabine.

This is Doctor Brinkerhoff. Doesn't she look like the sweetest doctor? I'd trust her with my life.
 Um, I take that back.

Our feisty little ladybug.

I totally got a picture series of her taking a step! 
Picture 1 (she's such a shorty):

Picture 2 (you can do it!):

Picture 3 (YAY!!!!!!!):

Here is Dr. Brinkerhoff preforming surgery on a Rice Krispy Treat. She was SO careful. A little after she had finished icing it, I asked her if she was going to eat it. She looked up so forlorn, shaking her head saying, "No, I can't because I'm wearing this (pointing to her mask)." I noticed there was some icing on the mask where her mouth was. I couldn't help but laugh as I moved it down for her.

Wendy rocked "pin the nose on the pumpkin" and won a box of Rice Krispies. I still feel a little bad about that one since I centered her in front of the pumpkin but maybe she does have my awesome "pin the ___ on the ___" skills.

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