Friday, October 26, 2012

She's a Child of God

Jane realized she needed to go potty and instead of running to the bathroom, she ran to me and sat down on my lap. I gently shoved her off of me and told her to go potty and then realized she peed on my freshly showered leg.

I wasn't happy. I was a little more upset than I should have been and as I was telling her how mad and disappointed I was, she starting crying and said...

"But I'm a child of God! You shouldn't be a grumpster to me."

Right then I turned my frown upside down and apologized for being a grumpster. Not only am I grateful that she knows how special she is and can remind me of it but last night I prayed that I would have a chance to work on my patience with her and would remember not to get mad at her... guess that one was answered :)

** She's 3.5 right now

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