Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick-or-Treating Phases 1&2

We sure had a fun Saturday! It started off with me being able to sleep in, which is always a great start. Brandt took Jane to Indian Boundary Park (there is a huge wooden castle to play in) after I woke up, and then after naps we went trick-or-treating on Clark Street for the 2nd year, followed by our church Halloween Party. The girls were so tired that they didn't even make a peep after putting them to bed an hour late.

Only the girls dressed up this year. Jane went as Elmo because Ann sent her the costume and since she was Elmo, Wendy just HAD to be Cookie Monster so I made her costume (100% thanks to my friend Nicole who gave me the eyes and fabric and Melissa who helped me finish it up).

Here are some pictures from Clark Street:

Cookie Monster!!

Taking a photo break.

Jane walked around singing, "Do do do do. Do do do do. Elmo's world."

My little squishy monster.

I love this picture!

One of the businesses was a bakery and they gave out cookies, which was PERFECT! She was a little unsure at first...

Now she's thinking, "Oh wait, this is food!"

After rolling back her sleeves she really got into it. "Nom nom nom. Me love cookies."

I love it when Jane gets all close to Wendy and tells her stuff like, "You like it Wendy?". 

They had a fun time and we did too. At the trunk-or-treat we went around once and since it was quick I let Jane go around again but she had to work for 2nds so she would say, "Trick-or-treat" and then take a very delicate bow. It was precious.

Jane cannot wait for Wednesday!

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