Thursday, October 04, 2012

Wendy Patch Doll

On Tuesday my sister shared a photo on Pinterest of the cutest little hat, I fell in love, and my awesome friend Nicole said she'd make all my dreams come true and make it for me.

On Wednesday I gave her the yarn.

On Thursday (today) she delivered it! Wow, isn't she amazing!?

Here is my little Wendy Patch Doll:

I always want her to wear it. I'm so glad it's getting chilly because I can't get enough of it! She even made little ear flaps and ties so it will stay on. She just took it off and I had a shock because her head was so bald :)

Best. Hat. Ever!


These are all the little things said...

You have one awesome friend. That is so cool!!

Danielle said...

CUTEST hat ever!! Wendy makes me so happy:D Xxx