Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Day 2012

Halloween day was FILLED with fun activities...

For Wendy's birthday week celebration, I took her and Jane to get ice cream up in Evanston. Our friends Nicole, Katie and Grayson came too. It was freezing outside so it wasn't really a day for ice cream but I had a free coupon that expired that day so ice cream it was!

Jane wanted blue ice cream (cotton candy... puke) but Katie wanted green (mint) so then Jane wanted green too. I got her green with gummy bears and she was in heaven. Katie was a little sad she didn't have gummy bears but Jane fished out the very last one and gave it to her. Sometimes she can be a great friend :)

Wendy and I shared some chocolate ice cream and boy did she LOVE it! Here are some pictures of Wendy's first ice cream:

 I know she was thinking, "Mom, why have you never put this in my mouth before?! I've been waiting my WHOLE life for this!"

 In between my bites she would get so fussy and concerned the ice cream magic wasn't going to happen again. She was a hogger. I barely got any but it's ok, she's my birthday girl.

I asked Jane how excited she was to have ice cream. This is the answer.

She even brought her own spoon from her play kitchen and used it exclusively. Every last drop was gone from her bowl very quickly.

After ice cream, we went home, got our costumes on and went to the Halloween Party at the park. It's was just "meh" this year because Jane is too old for the baby stuff and too young for the school kids stuff but I still think she had some fun. She was really shy and creeped out at the people hosting the games so she made me play them all and then she'd get the candy prize. Way to work the system Jane. Wend just sat in the stroller mostly content. She's good like that.

After a half hour we met up with Sabine's family for trick-or-treating. Jane knew just what to do and got a ton of candy. Brandt couldn't come again but we had fun with our friends. Jane even went right up to the Easter Bunny (some random guy's costume) and gave him a hug! Here's our only picture from that evening:

We then waited in a huge line for $2 Boo-ritos from Chipotle, ate them at home and went to bed much too late. It was a fantastic day.

Happy Halloween!

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Haley and Mitch said...

The first taste of ice cream... what a fantastic day!!