Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wendy Mae: Uno!

 {Brandt made this invite}
This last year has been amazing... because of a little girl named Wendy Mae. We love her SO much. She's exactly what I was hoping for (a sweet little cuddle bug) and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

So, what's Wendy up to?

She eats ANYTHING. Complete opposite of Jane who would hardly touch anything that wasn't pureed. If Wendy sees or smells food, it must be in her mouth that instant. This area is a little difficult because she's always grunting, hitting her tray, yelling really loud if it's not ready when she is. Even if it's on the spoon going towards her mouth she throws a fit. This is why when she would only eat purees, I fed her through a straw. This girl has zero patience.

She is always sucking her thumb, even during meal time when she isn't chewing. Her thumb is her best friend and she's complete with a little blanky tucked in her other fingers next to her face while she sucks her thumb. Sometimes she will just stop what she's doing, lay on the floor and suck her thumb. She gets this from me. I love a good and frequent lazy rest.

She loves playing chase. If she sees you coming she will speed crawl away from you. It's super cute but also not, when you're trying to get her dressed or change a diaper. She laughs so hard and thinks it's the funniest thing. She also likes to mimic me when I talk on the cell phone. She'll grab anything and put it up against her ear. She really only says "Mama" but has started saying what sounds like "Dada" the last couple days and she can wave "hi", give high fives and points to what she wants.

She sleeps really well at night, does really well just chilling in the stroller and is really smiley to people. Her favorite place is on Jane's bunkbed and she is just starting to walk. The day after her birthday I watched her take 9 whole steps across her room all by herself. At church this week she took 16 steps. I'm excited for her to walk because I love seeing babies walk but also, she's killing my back.

Here are my sweet girl's stats from her one year appointment:
Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz (50%, was 75%)
Height: 29 3/4 inches (70%)
Head: 17 1/8 inches (5%, was 10%) tiny head!

She's slowed down her weight gain and head growth but her length is still going strong. She got three shots and she cried SOOO much! It was so sad. She had never cried much if at all in the past during shots but really got going this time.

We had a little party to celebrate her first birthday a couple weeks ago. It was great to have some friends over and eat yummy food (Papa Johns and snickerdoodle cupcakes). Here are some pictures:

Birthday girl!

Front door decorations:

 Yummy cupcakes:

 I don't know why she is making this face but I love it!

Classic Wendy.

Jane blew out the candle and Wendy devoured her cupcake. It went straight into her mouth with no mess. I'm telling you... she LOVES food.

We absolutely love this little girl and even though she has NO patience, freaks out if you leave her sight and always HAS to be held, we'll take those cheesy grins and endless snuggles any day.


Haley and Mitch said...

Oh I am so sad I missed such a fabulous party! We love that Wendy!! what a doll!

sydney b. said...

I love these pictures! She is so stinkin cute. Love how she got into her part of 1st birthdays.

These are all the little things said...

She's making that face because shes wondering where her next cupcake is already!