Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lovely Saturday Afternoon

It's been a long week. Brandt had to work till midnight almost every night so I had been looking forward to a day we could all spend together.

This morning he didn't even wake me when the girls got up so I got to sleep till 8:30am. When I woke up I heard him yelling, "Go back to sleep! You're not allowed to be up yet!" He was wrapping my presents with Jane so I was banished from the living room. I walked into the girl's room and when Wendy saw me she started convulsing and RUNNING towards me (I'm surprised she kept her balance). She gave me the biggest grin and giggle. I laughed outloud and gave her a big snuggle in return. Someone was happy to see me this morning :)

We were all playing together on my bed when the idea of taking the girls to the bounce house place in Niles came to me. Perfect! We all got ready and headed out. Jane was beyond excited. She had a blast but Wendy... not so much. Right when we got there, Brandt took her down an inflatable slide and that was the end of it for her. She was so scared and clingy. Any time we took her into a new bounce house she would cling to us so hard and cry. We both have bruises on our underarms where she clawed and held so tight. One of us spent the while time just holding her while she nuzzeled into our chests for security. Oh that girl. The most fun part was when just us 4 were in a big one that had basketball hoops. Jane and I played dodge ball with each other while Brandt cheered us on. Jane has some fun energy for places like this.

Afterward we went to "the place where old ladies give you snacks" or as people other than Jane call it, Costco. Jane loves it there. At one point we passed a booth where the lady didn't have anything out and Jane yelled, "Hey! We need more snacks!"

Since we were already half way to our favorite taco place we decided to go there for a late lunch. I love those tacos! If there's one reason to move to Chicago, it's that taco joint.

Now we're home and everyone is napping as I type. I love Saturdays when we do stuff together. Yikes... 5pm and Jane is still sleeping. This might be an interesting evening. Better go give her some wake up snuggles.

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Angela S said...

Love it! We did bountiful baskets this morning,aka got up at 5am and the boys play with the ipod in the car while we sort produce for the coop. Then we finished and about 820 we headed to a friends house for what I expected to be about an hour. We got home at 410. Seriously. I just need to expect anytime we go over there because it always ends up being the rest of the day. I just love them! The boys came home and opened their advents for the day, a book and one from the lego star wars advent. Yeah for December!