Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre-Christmas Christmas 2012

We decided Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 would be our Chicago Christmas because we leave for Utah the following Saturday and this would be our only day home as a family before then. So, Santa came early.

Friday night I made cookies with Jane and we left a plate of them along with a note for Santa. Jane was beyond excited that he was coming but equally excited to eat some cookies before bed. Us 3 girls (Brandt was off cleaning the church building) sat on the floor by the kitchen and giggled at Wendy while sharing some delicious cookies. Wendy kept pulling up her shirt and slapping her (HUGE and very full) tummy in between bites and we all thought it was hilarious. Oh that girl.  

Well, after brushing our sugary teeth I tried putting them to bed. Um, cookies right before bed is not a good idea. Nor is hyping up the fact that Santa is coming. Oh man Jane could not go to sleep. She kept asking to do things like go potty, etc. One time she came out, quickly peeked in the kitchen and said, "Is Santa eating the cookies!?!?!?", thinking he was in there right then. An hour and a half later she went to sleep.

Santa did come and boy did he bring the mother load. He ate most of the cookies and left a sweet note on the back of Jane's note (where she had signed her own name ALL BY HERSELF!):

First we opened stockings. Wendy got some bracelets and a banana, both of which she loved. Jane's favorite stocking item were some BBQ chips. She would die for BBQ chips. Santa knows her well :) My favorite thing was a container of Sour Patch kids with all the nasty green ones removed. Brandt... I mean Santa knows me well too. And of course Brandt got some sweet new socks.

While the German Pancakes were baking we read a story about Jesus, sang Him happy birthday and opened presents. Wendy was a rock star present opener. She knew exactly what to do so she helped open most of our gifts. Brandt spoiled me and I got a deep fryer with a basket among a ton of other things. Jane will be occupied for a while with her gifts which include a carpenter building set (with the real metal hammer pre-removed for Wendy's sake), a baking kit, and a bunch of other stuff.

My parents really spoiled us this year and my Uncle Pat sent me a set of Texas themed cookie cutters. Brandt's first words when he saw what they were... "Oh boy." I can't wait to make Texas shaped cookies (and make him eat them)!

So, on to pictures because I know that's what you're really here for. Sorry a few are blurry but they're fun memories...

Wendy devouring the unpeeled Cutie from my stocking. Don't worry, I pried it from her paws and peeled it for her.

Worker Man Jane working on her cardboard house:

Taking very precise measurements:

Um... maybe not too precise because she got some of her clamps on Wendy. This my friends is why we took that hammer away before we Santa even wrapped it:

She loves having her own measuring tape and wants to measure everything:

After naps (taken by me and Wendy) and some more toy playing we went to Evanston for lunch at Potbelly's. Jane drank half my milkshake in about a minute and was shivering the rest of the time. She made quick friends with the little boys next to us and even invited them over for a playdate :)

Some house cleaning (making room for more toys), a visit from our financial planner and some more toy playing later and it was time for bed.

So, how was Pre-Christmas? 

It was a success although she keeps asking to see Santa and hear his bells because she missed him last night so it's a good thing we have another Christmas in a couple weeks.

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Haley and Mitch said...

How fun! What darling parents you are. Ben definitely needs to have a play date with Jane to try out the construction set. Merry Christmas!!