Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spaghetti Time!

We have had a great day so far. We met up with friends and got some SUPER yummy custard, did our world a favor and dropped off a trunk full of recycling and then we had lunch... a very messy lunch.

Here she is thinking, "Seriously mom? All the pictures of me are going to be of me eating."

I can't help it though. A whittle chubby face and perdy blue eyes... Can't resist.

Wendy has always been a good eater. A messy eater but a good one.
She always clears her plate.
"There's still a noodle! I can see it! Why. Can't. I. Get. It!?!?"

I love her!

HERE is Jane eating spaghetti for the first time about 4 months older than Wendy is right now.

And since we're on the topic of Wendy... Guess who is officially a walker full time!? Bendy Wendy gave up crawling for walking when she turned 13 months so my back has been feeling a little better the past few weeks :) Go Wendy!

Just the last couple days she tries to run with Jane around the wagon wheel in our home. She gets lapped about 10 times but she runs as fast as she can without falling, laughing hysterically.

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Angela S said...

Yeah! How fun!!! That is so awesome. I love that the plate was clear so you could see her mouth. Just perfect! Love it!