Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jane and the funny things she does

-After jumping off a small slide Jane says, "Mom! Feel my bum (pulls down her pants). I shink it's broken! Can you take it off and get me a new bum (whine, sniff sniff)?"

-Breakfast table conversation with a 3 year old:

Me: "Jane, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Jane: "Probably an elevator worker. Or... a ballerina. Then I can work on my plileilalas."
Me: "You mean your "plies"?"
Jane: "Yes, my plies."

It's good to have multiple options. 

-Last words of the night:

Jane: "Mom, I want to go to Heavenly Father."
Me: "Oh, I know but I don't want you to yet because I love you."
Jane: "Well, one day you and me and dad and Wendy will go to Him together."
Me: "Ok, Jane, that sounds nice. Goodnight."

-Jane got really close to my face and after looking up my nose said, "Mom, I think you have a nose beard."

-"Mom, sometimes you take my breath away."  I love that Jane girl. I hope she always feels that way about her mamma. 

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