Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loveable Woveable Wendy Mae

(sticking her finger in her nose because we laugh when she does it)

I am absolutely in love with Wendy. She drives me mad sometimes but she knows just how to act to get out of anything. Example: She gets put in the corner for pulling Jane's hair (which she does a lot). She inches out of timeout and when she sees me, lifts up her shirt and pats her tummy with both hands and laughs. How can I tell her to get back in the corner when all I want to do is scoop up that stinker and laugh with her?

She gets into trouble all the time but always does it with a smile. I swore my kids wouldn't get away with anything because I know all the tricks but man, that girl. I can't help but let her get away with everything because she's so cute when she does it.

Wendy = Death of me.

She still loves food, although she is getting a little pickier or maybe just gaining more refined tastes. She eats about as much as I do and if we try and cut her off she goes nuts. Her tummy is so big that when she isn't wearing a shirt it looks like she is defying gravity by standing up. I have to get a picture soon. It's hilarious. Makes it even better that when you say, "tummy tum tum" she lifts up her shirt and pats it.

Other things she's up to:

-Can do plies. Loves doing them when Jane practices her princess ballet moves.
-Says ball whenever she sees or wants a ball and can say banana although it sounds like "anana". The other words she can say now are hi, mom, dad and dog. That's it!
-Mimics just about anything we do physically. She understands SOOO much. It amazes me.
-LOVES sitting on people's faces. If you lay on the floor she'll come up to you and sit right, smack dab on your face. It's her favorite spot. Even if you shove her off a million times she comes right back.
-Loves to snuggle with her blanket. While playing she takes a bunch of breaks where she just lays on the floor with her blanket and thumb in her mouth for a minute.
-Can hold her own where Jane is concerned. If she has something Jane is trying to take, Jane can't get it OR Jane runs screaming. The other day, Jane was bugging Wendy and after a while Wendy totally screamed at her and punched her fist into her other hand. I laughed so hard.
-Gives the best wet kisses (open mouthed of course).
-Hates getting her teeth brushed but quickly recovers after it's over.
-Doesn't like to play rough, mostly doesn't like being tickled, and really doesn't like swings. She's the complete opposite of Jane. Jane LOVES being tickled and playing rough. Although since Wendy loves being held and always wants to be in my lap, Jane has started demanding more lap space.
-If we laugh when she toots, she toots again, and again, and again. She likes making us laugh so she'll clench her whole body to get another one out. She's a pretty good jokester.

She's just about 15 months and those 15 months have gone by much too fast. Trying to enjoy every moment!

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