Thursday, January 31, 2013

We 3 Girls

We took this picture a couple days before Christmas on a day where Jane got to see 2 Santas. She randomly asked for a guitar both times and held a nice conversation with both of them.

I love this picture because it shows exactly how I feel about my daughters. I was beyond excited that Jane was a girl. I was a little sad that Wendy was a girl because I wanted a boy but I had no idea what life would be like to be a little team of 3 girls. It's the best.

The joke right now with Jane is that I don't want her to grow up but she says, "I'm going to grow up but it's ok mom because I'll still love you." I made her promise.

What a sweet blessing it is to have these two girls in our life! We still miss them about an hour after they go to bed (it takes about an hour to recover) and they are the last thing we laugh and smile about before we fall asleep.

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Liz Johnston said...

I feel the same way about Landon I want a girl but I am so glad I have 2 boys.