Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jane and the funny things she does

-We were walking up to Jane's preschool and upon seeing her friend, Jane yelled, "Hazel! Hazel! Hazel! Wanna make a party with me?!?!?!" Hazel replied, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's make a party!!!" Then they both jumped up and down like they won the lottery.

Kids are cool.

-I heard Jane yelling, "Foolishness! Foolishness! Foolishness!". I went in to see what all the commotion was and she was reprimanding Wendy for getting into something off limits. Love my little helper.

-So I feel awful (sick with something, cold/flu) and I had a break down because Brandt is on a business trip. Jane came in and said, "Oh momma. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Just deal with it. Just take deep breathes, like this (shows me), and you'll feel better. Just deal with it momma." Ha! Maybe I should work on how I comfort her...

-I bribed Jane to be quiet tomorrow morning and let Wendy and I sleep. If she does, I told her she could have "black raisins" aka chocolate covered raisins, for breakfast. She was delighted and said...

"Oh boy! That makes me smile. And then after I eat them I can have real breakfast like cereal, and pancakes, and sausage, and bacon, and eggs, and waffles and french toast and sandwiches and then that will be all because that will make me full and make my belly have a happy bump! Oh boy!!"

I instantly thought of Wendy's "happy bump" and wonder if that's where she got it from. Tummy tum tum.

-"Look mom! I did it all by myself because I'm almost a grownup!! Well, actually I'm a ballerina dog."

-Maybe it was a mistake to quote the news to Jane by telling her a "Monster Storm" is coming. She's completely freaking out now...

-Playing Peter Pan Police Man:

"I'm Captain Jane E. Hook. Arrrrrr! Here's a ticket. Now give me all your money, arrrr!" 


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