Sunday, February 03, 2013

Kiddie Valentines

I made Jane's Primary class some Valentines last night since it's the last time we'll all be together before the cruise and holiday. I decided against the DumDums we had because they're so boring and I try my best not to be boring. Sooo... I had a box of cake mix and knew just what to do:

Cupcake Kits!

After a lot of thought on the best way to go about this, we figured it out. First, Jane helped me put the sprinkles in the treat bags by measuring out a heaping tsp of them and dumping them in. Then, she poured the food coloring into the icing (I took a bunch out because she didn't stop the first 10 times I yelled, "That's enough!!"). I drew a "cut here" guide on the ziplock bags and filled them with the heaping TBSP that Jane measured out. Lastly, we put the cupcakes on top and tied off the treat bags. I am so excited for all the little kids who get to make these today. In fact, I hope there is one left for me so I can make one too!

The only thing we have left is for her to finish writing her name on the cards and we'll be done. She did about 4 last night before she gave me the Mom-seriously-this-is-torture-please-stop-making-me-do-this look.

It was super fun to make these with her. I love that she could help and be a part of it. And, that I found a way for this little 3.5 year old to help in a way that this big (age not included) OCD-when-it-comes-to-crafting-and-baking mom wouldn't freak out :)

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Nicole said...

You're brilliant...and I totally pinned it.