Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jane and the funny things she does

-I love then when Jane wants to tell me something in my ear she makes sure EVERY SINGLE hair is out of the way before she tells me. Then she proceeds to move her lips without sound thinking I can hear it. This time it was, "Um mom? I wanna grow up ok?"

-Jane thinks the beginning to the song "Circle of Life" is... "Jaaaaaaaaalapeno!"

-"I just need my coat buttoned, and my hat and my scarf and then I will be ready to play outside!"

-After two bowls of cereal...

Jane: "Mom, is it ok if we say "oh my gracious"?"
Me: "Uh huh, that's fine."
Jane: "Ok, oh my gracious I'm still hungry!"

-I was asking Wendy to do something and she wouldn't listen. Jane started talking to her to see if she could help my cause and said, "Wendy, listen to mom! Mo-ther knows best!"

FYI: She's never seen Tangled but we listen to that song ALL THE TIME so Jane gets it in her head that I DO know best.

-As we were dining at BopNGrill, Jane turned around and told the couple behind us, "I saw you in my dreams." Creepy and sweet but mostly creepy and super awkward... 

-Overheard this conversation just now...

Jane: "Walk me like a dog! Walk me like a dog! Please!"
Brandt: "No Jane. I intentionally procreated within my own species so I wouldn't have to walk a dog.


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