Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random March 2013

Some random things that happened in our lives this month:

Mom and Jane date to our neighborhood frozen custard shop:

I love her chocolate beard :)

Jane's dream come true! She's been begging for the "drive cart" since the first store (out of 4) today and Wendy demanded to drive too.

Princess playdate with Eliza and Katie! This is what I got when I asked for "silly faces"...

Look who showed up for story time at the library!

Jane doesn't really know who Arthur is but she sure looks pretty cool standing next to her new friend:

Wendy is a pretty lazy baby. Most of the time she refuses to walk down this hall to the elevator when we come in that door. She just stands there and waits for you to come get her. Today she took it to a whole new level...

One child all snug and ready for our chilly bike ride:

Two children all snug and ready for our chilly bike ride:

 Aaaaand, we're off!

She's doing so well on her bike!

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