Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ski Bunny Jane

It's been well over a month since I blogged so I'll catch you up in one short paragraph...

Cruise cancelled (that boat stuck in the ocean was supposed to be ours). Had a super fun time in Houston anyway, with my parents and Uncle Pat and then came back to spend the rest of the time with Ann (who was taking care of the girls). Then, antibiotics for everyone, Brandt went to L.A. and somewhere else for press checks. I got all my dental work DONE and we are all healthy and happy.

So, since there is still snow on the ground I feel like I can catch up on my Christmas vacation pictures from Utah. One day, Ann, Brandt and I went up to Sundance and taught Jane to ski while Roy stayed back with Wendy (she had her 2nd major blowout while in his care so that was um... awesome for him). It was short but fun and I know Jane liked it. Here is how Jane became a professional skier at 3 and a half:

First step: Look super cute holding mini skis.

Next: Be super lucky to have a skiing grandma and dad to teach you.

 Practice your "I'm super chill as I softly glide down the mountain side" pose.


Now that you're all set, have your dad carry you up a SUPER steep hill so you can get the rest you need before your big moment.

Go up the rope tow gangnam style tandem style.

Take a quick photo with your biggest fans.

And then, ski down the mountain (hill) like a boss.

Jane, you rocked it. At least, you did better than me on your first try.
{We got a lot of big smiles after all her hard work because Grandma had some mints to bribe her with.}

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