Monday, April 01, 2013

Detroit Easter 2013

This year, Brandt had to go to New Jersey the week before Easter for work so I took the girls to Detroit to see our favorite Jenkins cousins after Jane recovered from pneumonia, of coarse. We drove up Thursday, Brandt met us there Friday, we enjoyed a super fun Easter egg hunt and grown-up date on Saturday and drove back to Chicago on Sunday after an Easter brunch. Here are some pictures from the egg hunt:

Wendy sure loves her daddy and he loves his little squishy!

She was so excited to have her own Easter basket. Worth the $1 investment.

Wendy had to find the eggs with the #1 on them.

She did such a great job!

Jane finding her eggs. 

Picking a lollipop from Lollipop Land.

And, so willing to share! Want one?

Taking a break for some love from a dinosaur.

My sweet Jane at an Easter egg hunt the week before.

Meeting the Easter Bunny! 

Jane spent the weekend with black feet... playing in her cousin's backyard and jumping on their trampoline. It kind of broke my heart to bring her back to an apartment in Chicago. I'm so glad we got to venture out to Detroit on such a whim.

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