Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Popsicle Sunday

This weekend was spent inside listening to General Conference. My favorite moment on Saturday was watching both girls climb/wiggle/scream on top of Brandt for his sole attention as he tried to design on the laptop. His look of utter hopelessness and surrender still cracks me up.

My favorite moment Sunday was watching my little family enjoy some popsicles on the balcony that Brandt and Jane made together. We have a Zoku so they freeze in 8 minutes but Jane probably said with a beaming smile, "I think we should check on the popsicles, don't you?" about 40 times during those painful 8 minutes.

Here are some pictures from our Popsicle Sunday...

 3 of my favorite people:

She's always the happiest when she's held or eating so she's in her perfect place right here.

Silly Jane enjoying her lemon outside/peach inside popsicle.

Yeah, it's a little sour.

But it doesn't phase this crazy lady.

Trying to figure out how to eat it without choking herself with the stick (which she did, repeatedly, 10 times.

 Ahh, there you go little girl.

Popsicles are fun. Conference is awesome. Popsicles + Conference + Family makes for one fun day.

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Haley and Mitch said...

Did you make those popsicles? I love those girls. And I LOVE that popsicle season is upon us.