Friday, May 31, 2013

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-Most awesome part of our nightly routine: The triple take down. This Olympic sport consists of Brandt holding down Wendy's arms and upper body, Jane holding down Wendy's legs and me holding her head and trying my best to get those chompers brushed in between screams. This task could not get done without the whole family.

-At the lunch table Jane was staring at me. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "I'm staring at your perfection." Thanks, Maroon 5, for giving my 4 year old some great suck-up material. I'll take it!

-Jane must be having a growth spurt. Lately she's been taking food off Wendy's plate when Wendy isn't looking and saying, "Mom, Wendy doesn't want this chicken nugget (or whatever it is)." Then she says, "Wendy? Do you want this? Say no." Since Wendy doesn't know what she means, she shakes her head no and Jane says, "See? She doesn't." Poor Wendy. If only she knew what was happening.

-"Mom? Can I please have some warm water because I have a cold brain." Yes Jane, you may.

-Wendy was crying in our hallway and as she walked to me Jane said, "We were walking to the park and a bee stinged her and that's why she has a lot of bite marks." After examination of Wendy's hand I noticed multiple spots where Jane had bitten her (I'm assuming it was because Wendy was grabbing at Jane's banana). Hmmm.


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