Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jane Elizabeth at 4 Years Old

I'm sad she's already 4. I told her she couldn't grow up and she told me, "But I will still love you and still hug you and still give you kisses when I'm big." I guess that's ok then and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of Jane as a little munchkin.

She loves to laugh. I'd say she is actually laughing about 80% of the day. She is constantly asking us to tell her jokes, asking to be tickled (which I love doing until she pees her pants...) and jumping or running like a mad woman. The other 20% would probably be her upset at Wendy. Jane loves Wendy in her heart but boy do they not get along. Part of it is probably because they are completely opposite and that's ok. I love my crazy Jane and snuggly Wendy.

She is doing great in preschool. She has 2 really good friends there who jump up and down when they see me dropping Jane off for school. I love that she can play sweetly with the girls but can also hold her own with the boys. She knows most of her letters, is starting to spell words that she sees and is asking what they spell. She's obsessed with cutting paper which is great for fine motor skills but bad for mom with a bad back who has to pick up millions of tiny pieces of paper off the floor every day. She's really good at memorizing things and now knows 5 Articles of Faith!

Her other current obsessions are asking us to be our "baby dog who likes to clean up" who doesn't actually help clean up, chocolate milk and root beer (not mixed of coarse), BBQ chips, and still loves to collect sticks and rocks. Just as I thought, "Is she still changing her clothes 10 times a day?", she opened her bedroom door and asked me to zip up a dress she just changed into so yes, another obsession is changing her clothes all day BUT she is getting better about putting her used clothes away. She DOESN'T like or as she puts it, "not a fan of", cooked vegetables (has to be fresh), shredded meat of any kind, old people that are strangers (I mean, REALLY old people and not quite sure why), stickers (but still asks for them where ever we go), getting hair that's fallen out on her hands (she freaks out till I get them off) or jelly beans (cause they have dots).

She is in swim class and is doing really well. Today is the last day and she has learned a lot. The first 5 minutes of the first class she fell into the pool because she got too close and slipped in. I thought it was over... $25 wasted, but even by the end of that class she had gotten over being scared and is my water baby again.

She loves to sing even if it's not a real song, thinks every thing she can't understand is Spanish, and is really good about knowing which streets are "new" streets that we haven't driven on before. She is funny, clever, and forgiving.

At her 4 year Dr. appointment, she weighed 38lbs (75th %) and is 41 inches tall (75th %) so she's a perfectly proportional and healthy little girl.

I think I've got the best 4 year old for me. Here's that little crazy girl on her actual birthday:

Trying some modeling moves:

And... giving some "BIG" hugs to the tree:

Catching some bubbles that dad is blowing:

Riding her new scooter for the first time:

She's a pro:

And a spectacular, adorable, super fun, life-loving girl:

Who we just so happen to love more than a sun loves to shine.

Happy 4th Janie!


These are all the little things said...

AWW!!! What a cute post! You're such a great mom and Brandt is a great dad!

wendy said...

Happy being a mom for 4 years as well! You are a great mom with some really cute little girls! Happy Birthday Jane!