Sunday, May 19, 2013

S'more Kind of Night

Tonight we grilled some burgers and corn so s'mores naturally followed. Jane wouldn't eat her hamburger so after eating a smore in front of her I told her I was going to go on the balcony, roast some marshmallows for her and if she didn't eat all her hamburger (it was like a 1/3 of a burger) by the time I came back in I would eat her s'more. It worked. When I walked in Brandt was cracking up because as soon as she heard the door open she shoved the meat into her mouth so it would be gone when I came in.

Here are some pictures of Janie eating her first s'more of the season:

 "This is a what?"

"Ok... I don't know if I can pick this thing up..."

Taking the most delicate/hesitant first bite.

Deciding if scarfing all her food and almost throwing it up was worth it.

And we have an answer.

"It IS good! It really is!"

Although, after it started to get all gooey and fell apart she decided she didn't like it so I gave her an unroasted marshmallow or "smashow" and an unmelted chocolate bar and she was a happy camper. After she was all done she walked up to me and said, "Ugh! Mom! Now I have all this goo in my beautiful hair!" Oh, the torture I do to my children.

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