Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Hurricane Turns 4!

Jane requested a pink party for her birthday this year so that's what she got, which is actually interesting because pink is not her favorite color... yellow is because she has "yellow hair". She also requested rootbeer, a pink diamond pinata and sushi so she got that too minus the last request.

Here are some pictures from the party:

Here's the little birthday girl showing me how she's going to "rock out" at her party in the dress-up SHE chose to wear since it's pink for her pink party.

But then decided that might be a little too crazy and needed a minute to compose herself before friends arrived.

Some of the food and the magic wands every princess and prince needs.

And, of course, some pink cupcakes which I ate way too many of.

I made what Jane calls a, "pink pompom rock wall", which she promptly asked to climb after it was hung. The answer was an immediate no.

And you can't have a Brinkerhoff party without stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Here's my princess's pink diamond pinata. 2 days and 2 broken needles later and it was done! Hand stitched felt-covered cardboard. Best $3 pinata ever.

All the kids lined up ready to take turns pulling the strings out.

Princess Lydia using her big girl muscles!

 Jane got a little bored in between turns so she started a game of "run around the rosy" with her sister.

But she came back right as the candy was faaaaaaallliiinnngg...

 And all the kids swarmed to find a goodie bag with their name on it.

Enjoying some candy with her two princes, Ben and Matthew. A HUGE thanks to Nicole for making those AWESOME prince capes!

Happy birthday little hurricane princess!


These are all the little things said...

I love the idea of putting preassembled goodie bags in the piƱata. Once again you amaze me!!

Haley and Mitch said...

What a fabulous party. And what fantastic pictures!! Thanks for inviting us!