Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beach Babes

I have been so excited about this summer. I wasn't going to be pregnant or nursing or have a baby who eats sand. What I didn't account for was having a baby who is completely and utterly terrified of sand.

Enter Wendy.

It was warm so we decided to go to the beach for the first time of the season. We walked down there and after parking the stroller I unstrapped Wendy and set her down, feet first on the sand. The moment her feet touched the sand she was so terrified she let out the worst shriek I've ever heard and actually pooped her diaper. She continued to scream for 45 minutes. Everyone around us left the beach (most likely because she was crying so loud... whoops).

Here she is that day:

Here is Jane and the reason we stayed so long. She was having so much fun I didn't want her to have to leave so soon:

We tried again and again and again and again with the same result (minus the pooping). She couldn't handle a grain of sand touching her and wouldn't even step across the bridge at the park because there was sand in the hinge crease at the beginning of it. She can't stand there being sand on the bottom of her shoes and won't wear a pair we bring to the beach for days because she remembered there being sand on them. She also almost drew blood clawing at a freckle on her leg thinking it was sand.

Then, I realized I should just see if Wendy would be ok sitting in the stroller while we played. And... she was! She was completley content and happy sitting in the stroller although she cried the whole time I carried the stroller across the sand and shook her head "no" every time I asked if she wanted to get out.

Here's my little scaredy cat in her new swim suit before heading to the beach the day I had her in the stroller the whole time:

On our 9th attempt, Wendy was quite happy sitting on the beach towel playing with rocks although if any sand came on the towel she would freak out and skitter to the furthest edge.

Here's a smile from my squish that day:

I am happy we are making it work and so is this girl who LOVES the beach:

(She finally got an umbrella from Brandt's parents for her birthday. She's only asked for one about her whole life and had to bring it this day because it "would keep the sun out of her eyes".)

Yay for being able to spend the summer at the beach!

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