Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Downtown Girls

I had to go downtown a little while ago for a dentist appointment and it was a Saturday so I got to take Jane with me while Wendy and Brandt stayed home. I was excited for a fun date with Jane.

We rode the train downtown and got off near Grant Park. We walked around, listening to people play music on the streets and then stopped at a big fountain where Jane made her very first wish with a penny. She wished she could go to Utah, kissed it and then threw it behind her. She promptly wanted to climb in and get it back but I told her the rule that her wish won't come true if she takes it back so she left it. Then we stopped to smell the rose... er, um, tulips:

We walked over to "The Bean". I think she was overwhelmed with all the people who were there but we did manage to get a few pictures:

Next, we went to what she was MOST excited about... the Crown Fountain. It was a chillier day so we didn't play too long but once she realized it was okay for her to get soaked (we had brought a change of clothes) she really started playing:

After she changed out of her wet clothes we did a little downtown shopping and then headed to the dentist, where she just played the iPad the whole time. We decided to get some popcorn from Garrett's Popcorn before we headed home because you can't take a little girl downtown and not get her some infamous popcorn. About a week later I was tired of something kind of pokey in my mouth near my lower jaw bone. I thought I had scratched or burned myself and it was just skin trying to heal so I left it alone for a week but I couldn't stand it anymore so I took some tweezers to it and on the first blind try I pulled out a nice big and super sharp popcorn kernel skin thingy. Thanks Garrett.

On the same note, a couple days after a BBQ we had this last weekend I decided to take tweezers to another sharp thing in my gums and on the first blind try pulled out a centimeter long part of a toothpick from some bacon wrapped asparagus we BBQ'd. My mouth it a treasure trove!

ANYWAY, I love Jane dates.

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Angela S said...

Man you really do have dad's mouth. Poor you!