Monday, June 24, 2013

My little mermaid

I signed Jane up for swim class this spring and she loved it. My friends, Haley and Nicole also signed up their kids, Ben and Katie so it was really fun for all of us. We'd sit in the bleachers and watch our little swimmers while tending the younger kids and chatting away. Thursdays were my favorite for those 6 weeks.

In the first 10 minutes of class on the first day, Jane got a little too close to the edge while she was sitting there and slipped right in. The teacher (who was in the water) dove right over and picked her up out of the water but she was VERY hesitant for a while after that. I ran down and held her as she cried and tried to calm her as she refused to even sit anywhere near the pool again. We agreed that 3 feet from the edge was ok and that's where she sat the rest of the first class. The next class she slowly scooted forward and was all better about halfway through. I saw that $25 I paid for the class flush down the toilet because I thought there was no way she'd want to ever participate after falling in but she's a champ and always has been.

She learned how to make bubbles while kicking, make spoons with her hands instead of forks when she makes "big circles" and overall just had fun.

Before the last class we all went out to a celebratory lunch at a local restaurant and the kids went wild in the kids room while we had some adult time. I sure love having such good friends here!

Here are a couple pictures of my little mermaid all decked out for swim class from my cell camera:

Jane is in stripes, then Katie and then Ben.

Jane all ready to get her floaty put on.

I sure love this girl. She is so fun.

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These are all the little things said...

SO CUTE!!! Yay for Jane!!