Friday, June 07, 2013


We babysat the most angelic little boy last week. Time flew by and there wasn't one argument. He looks a lot like Jane and age-wise could fit in right between Jane and Wendy so it was a perfect fit for those 4 hours I watched him. If I have a boy just like him I will be in heaven... and so will Jane. He did everything she wanted him to do and I mean everything. Right when we got into our house she ran to her room and grabbed a dress-up for him. She said, "I will be Belle and you can be Cinderella." Without hesitation he stepped into the dress and off they went, playing princesses.

Here are some pictures of these two beauties on the balcony:

They had a lot of fun together. Too bad his family is moving away at the end of the month (not related to me putting him in a dress) but at least I got some great embarrassing pictures for his mom to show off when he gets older!

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Angela S said...

I love his expressions!