Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Jane

This is an embarrassing post because I know everyone thinks I'm like this person who can handle anything but I'm not. I think everyone else CAN handle everything so hopefully we're ALL a little faulty and you'll get what I'm talking about. I am posting this so I can never forget my sweet Jane and the perfect things she says when I need to hear them.

My day was great. I went on a bike ride with my bestie Nicole to our favorite place, Target. It was an adventure ending with popsicles and sewing some torn jeans into shorts (she's pretty much super talented). Then, when I got home things turned grey.

There I was with two kids (one really tired), a super sweaty self (yum, I know), a heavy bike trailer and unbalanced bike, melting popsicles and... no keys. I looked everywhere and was worried I had left them at Target. I emptied my back pack twice and they weren't there. I dug through the bike trailer but all the groceries were making it difficult to search. I tried taking them out but the bags kept ripping and I lost my temper. I grabbed the groceries and threw them (not too hard) against the lobby wall in random handfuls to clear out the stroller. Jane ran to the wall and said, "Oh no mom! You can't throw the avocado, it will bruise!" I then realized I had thrown the bananas and individual cupcakes I had bought too. I also realized I had lost my temper and told Jane, "Jane, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have thrown them, I'm just upset I can't find my keys anywhere." She reached out her arms and as she came to give me a hug she said in a super sweet and wisper-ish voice, "Mom! I think I hear Heavenly Father talking to me!" I said, "You do? What is He saying?" She said, "It will be ok."

I knew it would be and calmed down. We left everything in the lobby and walked to the car to get the spare house key. We buzzed everyone in the building so someone would buzz us in, dropped off the groceries upstairs, borrowed a neighbor's key fob and found my keys sitting in the bike room where Jane had left them when we left for Target.

It WAS ok. I am sad I got stressed but grateful my little hurricane is able to tone down that craziness when needed and become the angel she is deep down under all that energy. She's amazing. I can't tell her enough how much I love her... I just need to show it more.

So, here's to having a stronger ability to stay calm in the face of situations that aren't even that bad.

Oh and those smashed cupcakes (there were two) were my lunch 10 minutes later because nothing calms a heart, mind and tummy quite like a cupcake (or two) can and besides, they were smashed... they had to be eaten :)


Nicole said...

That Jane must have one heck of a mom to be so great. Good for her, and good for you!

Angela S said...

Cupcakes solve everything. Bless Jane! And Nicole is right. She learned that from you.