Friday, June 28, 2013

Wendy Loves Brandt

Wendy is... territorial to say the least. Brandt is hers and she is his. No one else gets him when he is home and she won't go to anyone else when he is home. He gets her up in the morning, plays with her for about 15 minutes and then brings her into my room so I can watch her as he showers. I think that's the most difficult part of her day. She claws at him to keep holding her and if her screams could be translated they would say, "No!!!!!! I don't want mom! I want you! Don't leave me!!!!! I'll DIE!!!" The moment he goes into the bathroom she's over it as if she knows there's no point in crying anymore and then wants me. She definitely won't let Jane have me but the moment she hears the water turn off she's at the bathroom door waiting to be picked up by her hero.

Long story short... She adores him. She is a daddy's girl and even though it sometimes hurts my feelings, I've got Jane who demands me when she is ever in need like if she gets hurt or is scared. What kills me though is I'm not even second place. If my friend Nicole is around Wendy goes to her over me. Maybe one day she will understand what I went through to bring her into this world... one day :)

Until then I have to deal with moments like the other day when Brandt was holding her after he had just gotten home from work and we were trying to talk about something. She kept grabbing his face and turning it back to her, screeching whenever I would say something and cover his mouth with her hands when he tried to talk to me. Finally he said to her, "Wendy, mom and I are trying to have a conversation." She looked at me and gave me the glare of death as if her eyes were saying, "Don't you even try to take his attention away from me. I will cut you." It was so scary Brandt and I busted up laughing. I am still haunted by that look.

Here is a capture of the moment I told her, "Wendy, look! It's Dad."She stopped everything she was doing and thinking about to turn to the sidewalk and find him.

"Huh?! What?! Where?! Really!?"

"Is it him!? Is he really home!? Are you messing with me?!"

She is such a stinker. Luckily, she is a cute snuggly stinker cause man, this girl has a fire in her!

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