Monday, July 22, 2013

Choose your own adventure?

This post could tell three different stories. Pick one and then browse the pictures, rinse and repeat. It's like 3 posts in one!

1. Jane is obsessed with this little pink Disney shopping cart sold at Target. She begs to play with it every time we go. This time I let her play with it because we were waiting on some friends and had time to kill. She had a really fun 15 minutes or so walking around with it and subsequently sitting down in front of all the TVs in the electronics section watching Target ads. At least she was occupied and not running around like a crazy person...

2. Wendy loves hats. Jane would never keep one on her head for more than 3 seconds but Wendy will keep them on for ages. There's this one hat I'd been eying for a while as I watched it's price drop further and further on clearance. One day I decided to get it and let Wendy wear it while we waited for some friends. She wore it the whole time and I couldn't get enough of her cuteness in the over-sized hat. Here she is, showing you just how cute she is. I ended up not getting it and decided the next three times I went to Target that I was and still never got it but I'm glad I got some pictures of my sweet girl wearing it.

3. I go to Target way too much. Mostly I go with my friend Nicole. In these pictures, while we were waiting for her and her kiddos to meet up with us (which never happens because I am always the late one) I took some pictures of some stuff we played with and didn't buy (story of my life... er, um, trips to Target). Sometimes we sneak trips without each other because we are embarrassed that we went a 4th time that week but somehow always manage to reveal it because we either run into each other there or end up seeing something the other bought but had only wanted when we had gone together. One of my most loved things about Chicago are my Target trips with Nicole :)

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