Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-Jane started playing "beach" with Wendy and when Jane told her that the ground was sand Wendy started freaking out! I mean, really freaking out and screaming and pointing to the ground. Ha! Oh Wendy.

-Jane yelling, "Mom! We want some more green beans!" while I prep dinner. Now that is music to my ears.

-These stuffed animals all over my house wearing panties may be weird if I didn't have a 4 year old girl... Sometimes I just look around, shake my head and sigh, "Oh, Jane..." And yes, this one's a boy.

-Clearly it was a mistake to teach Jane this particular song... She now shakes her head like a maniac and yells, "I whip my hair back and forf. I whip my hair back and forf." for HOURS. It was only funny the first 5 minutes...

-Jane and Wendy don't get along. Maybe once a week I see them doing something real sweet to each other and today Jane said to Wendy as they were eating snacks on the balcony, "Here Wendy, you want some crackers? I love you." These moments are rare so they really melt my heart.

-Wendy, who is 20 months and doesn't speak, ran up to me, grabbed her pants like the needed to poop, pointed to the toilet and ran to it. She then motioned for me to let her try and she totally did it! I am blown away! I always knew this girl was a smarty pants under that silent voice of hers. I am a proud mommy right now! Super duper proud! I should mentioned we haven't even talked to her about using the potty yet!


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